Want to start Airsoft?

You will find a series of pages with information ranging from tutorials on how to get ready for your first game to how to buy your equipment. We have also built an interactive map to help you find sites and shops local to you. We find its always better to feel the it you want to buy first.

Sites and shops in the UK

So you’re looking at starting out in Airsoft! Good move, however it can seem a bit intimidating when you’re just getting started. 

Firstly you do not need to be an expert on your first game, many people aren’t experts after years, it’s all about the fun. If you are looking at starting to play Airsoft in the UK and you don’t already know people to tag along with then we advise using the Sites and Shops interactive map on the Pewhub website. It will help to show you where your local sites are. Once you have seen where you would like to play check out the site rules, this will be mainly around what to bring etc, game rules and safety will be covered in the safety brief.  

Pretty much all sites have equipment you can rent (rental kit) that normally includes the RIF (realistic imitation firearm) you will be using, along with battery, magazines and eye protection. Some sites include ammo (BB) in the rental price, but not all do so it’s worth checking beforehand so you take enough money. 

Some sites will serve lunch, possibly included in the cost of the game, but again it’s worth checking before you go so you can see if you need your mum to pack sandwiches.  

If you have decent boots, even walking boots, it’s always advisable to wear them for all sites even if the site you’re visiting hasn’t recommended it. Also try to cover as much skin as possible especially if you’re playing indoors, decent trousers and a hoodie should cover you.

The most important thing is to enjoy yourself, and get involved. On the whole the Airsoft Community is amazing, they are friendly and welcoming. Most players will show you their kit if you ask and please remember to always ask before grabbing someone’s possessions.

If you’re under 18, it’s worth contacting the site before booking as their insurance may have minimum age restrictions so you may be required to be accompanied by an adult. 

If sites give an hour window to arrive please try to arrive in the first half of that window, if 8-9am arrivals are advertised then they probably want to start at 9, so as a newer player they will have more time to show you around and make sure that you’re ok. Arrive at 9 and it will simply put more pressure on the site staff as they are trying to get the day running for everyone else. Earlier the better is a good rule of thumb.